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Petting Zoos

Finding Seattle Petting Zoos
To most of us, a petting zoo really means a petting farm: A farm where you can go and pet the ever so common domestic animals. While you can still have a blast visiting a zoo like this, especially the kids who may not have seen farm animals before, nowadays you can find just about any animal you desire at a petting zoo. Luckily, there are many types of Seattle petting zoos. To begin with, you have the typical petting farm with domestic animals like cows and sheep. Petting zoos like this are best suited for a day out or even to kill some time. While they do offer special events, usually around the holidays and in the summer, you won’t be seeing anything new most of the time. Next up you have exotic petting zoos, companies that specialize in anything from reptiles to animals from Down Under. And finally, if you’re looking to host a party at home or if you aren’t up for an exotic petting zoos, you can call in a traveling petting zoo. These companies are usually more flexible with the events and can bring (or leave behind) animals you specifically request.

Exotic Petting Zoos
If you’ve already seen standard petting zoo fare like sheep, cows and horses, maybe it’s time to visit or call in an exotic petting zoo. Many Seattle petting zoos feature exotic animals that you would never see at a typical farm. Best of all, there are non-profit exotic petting zoos that educate children (and you too!) and also pay their part in conserving these rare animals. While reptile petting zoos are pretty common, it’s a safe bet that not everybody is going to be up for petting a python or a huge bullfrog. However there are still petting zoos that specialize in more than scaly critters. Although you can find a few exotic petting zoos in Seattle, you may have to call in a traveling zoo in order to see the animals you want.

On-the-road Petting Zoos
For hosting a party at home, calling in a traveling petting zoo is a great idea. Not only do you get to experience more exotic animals than the traditional petting farm, but this allows the children to have a more hands-on experience and gives them more personal time to spend with the animals. You can call traveling petting zoos to Seattle that have everything from zebras and camels to armadillos and kangaroos.

Petting Farms
Although you usually don’t get to see the types of animals exotic and traveling petting zoos bring along, there are still several advantages to visiting a petting farm in Seattle. For one, nearly all petting zoos offer more attractions than just the animals. Seattle petting zoos offer presentations, seasonal activities, education sessions, and some even offer summer camps. With a good understanding on what your group finds interesting (or scary) and with this knowledge on the options available, finding the best petting zoo for your party or event couldn’t be easier.