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Finding Magicians in Seattle
The great thing about hiring a magician for your party is the flexibility they offer. Although some party options are mainly for children’s events, such as inflatable castles or a petting zoo, a magician works great for both adult and children audiences. Furthermore, certain Seattle magicians specialize in either parties for adults or parties for children. If you’re interested in the latter, look for a clown-like magician who can perform traditional tricks like pulling a rabbit out of the hat or who might even pull a couple gags along the way. A magician like this will work wonders for a child’s party since the children would be more interested in the laughs than trying to decipher the magician’s tricks. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a magician to attend an adult event, you need to take into consideration your crowd and where you will be holding the party. Also, determine if the magician is supposed to be the main attraction or just another form of entertainment at the party. In order to help your magic show be a success, here are a couple tips on finding a magician in Seattle.

Looking for a Magician
First off, decide on the type of magician you want. Whether it’s a clown-like magician, a mysterious Zoro-like figure or even a wiseguy who’s known for his schemes and card tricks, this is your first and most important decision. Also, make sure the magician matches with the event. For a corporate party, or something where everyone’s attention will be focused in the same place, a magician who performs an entire act on stage may be the best bet. However, if you’re having a wedding reception, a graduation party or have a reservation at a bar, an on-stage performance most likely isn’t your best option. For a situation like this, you want a magician who will blend into the crowd, since it will be hard to get everyone’s attention at something like a wedding reception or a graduation party. Also, you may want to consider setting up a booth or kiosk where attendees can stop by and see what the magician has up his sleeve. At any rate, be wary of a commanding presence for an environment where you want people to mingle.

Booking a Magician for Your Party
Once you are sure on the type of magician that fits best with your event, it’s time to book. But be careful, magicians’ fees are typically much higher during holidays and weekends, and depending on the event and the idea you had in mind, the price can go up even more. Begin well ahead of time and be ready to book your show possibly months in advance. If the magician can book within a week or so, that may be a sign they aren’t that professional or have flopped on shows in the past, in turn not earning the word of mouth that professional magicians rely on. Once you have a person in mind, don’t hesitate to look for them on social media or review sites. By reading what past customers have to say about this magician, you’ll know if it’s a good idea to book them or not.