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Haunted House

If you went around and asked people what their favorite emotion to feel was, you would have a hard time finding someone who said "fear." However, during the month of October, and specifically around Halloween-time, there are all sorts of people who are ready, willing, and able to to embrace all of their greatest fears. This is the magic of Halloween time--when attractions related to embracing fears begin to pop up all over the place.

There are costume parties, horror movies in all of the local multi-plex movie theatres, but most beloved would arguably be haunted houses. Haunted Houses are more of a concept rather than a real concrete thing. They are environments that, otherwise would be unassuming like a warehouse, a school, or a foreclosed home, and has been completely redecorated to reflect a terrifying theme straight out of a nightmare. They also have employed within them actors who have been dressed as horrifying monsters, witches, mental patients, and more. There are so many different things to love about Haunted Houses that it's ridiculous.

There are a seemingly endless number of different styles of Haunted Houses. You can find Haunted Houses that fit whatever your greatest fears are. For example, if you decide that you want to attend a Haunted House that is decorated like an abandoned hospital, where there are left-behind syringes and terrifying Doctors and Nurses trying to perform experiments on you, then you should have no problem finding a Haunted House in that style. Another popular option would be the Mad House, where there are all sorts of creepy clowns and mental patients waiting to hop out from behind the corner to scare the socks off of you. You can also find an outdoors version of the Haunted House where they have decorated a Forest to be a Haunted Forest, or even a haunted corn maze, which can add a whole new factor of terror in the inability to find the exit.

While Haunted Houses are an extremely beloved form of Halloween entertainment, there is one major problem with them. They usually only come around once a year, and for someone living in the busy world of today, it can be difficult finding a lot of time out of the one month that Haunted Houses are open to attend multiple Haunted Houses on different nights.

This is where renting a Party Bus comes in. Party Buses are awesome mobile parties which have a great number of awesome features such as multi-colored interior lights, state of the art built-in speakers that can plug into any sort of auxiliary ports on devices such as iPhones or laptops, and built-in coolers that can store any kind of drinks that you would like to consume while on board the bus. This means that it is completely legal to consume alcohol while on board of a Party Bus.

Thanks to Party Buses, you can mix in a night of terrifying fun in transporting you and a dozen of your friends around to all of the scariest Haunted Houses in the area, while simultaneously stopping at all of the best bars in the area, and providing yourself with the liquid courage you need to move on to the next terrifying attraction. You should not have to relegate yourself to only experiencing one Haunted House attraction a year--instead, you should rent a Party Bus and experience as many in one night as you would like!