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How to Find Face Painters in Seattle
Face painting may appear to be a somewhat simple skill, but there are some seriously professional face painters in Seattle. If you want the face painting to be a hit at your party, it’s best to go with a professional. While you may be able to draw a simple rainbow or star on a child’s cheek, what happens if the children want to be turned into aliens or various animals? In this case, it takes a professional for the kids to truly feel like they have taken on a new identity. You’d be surprised at what some face painters can do, especially with full face paintings. But before beginning your search in earnest, you have to envision exactly what you need from a face painter. Below is some information on the various face painting styles and how to best implement them into your event.

Full Face Paintings
Paired with a theme, the options are endless with full face paintings. One of the easiest parties to pull off with a face painter is a halloween party. With some of the skills out there, you can successfully transform your guests into some truly appalling creatures. This also gives children great freedom of choice. They can be a werewolf, a witch, a ninja, whatever each child wants to be. However, face painting is by no means just for children. A Mardi Gras party, a masquerade or even a simple costume party are perfect ideas for adults. Furthermore, even if every adult at the halloween party doesn’t partake in the face painting, you can be sure that some people will want to join in on the halloween fun — no matter what their age.

Cheek Paintings
While it may not be possible to turn your kid into their favorite cartoon character with face paint, there’s nothing wrong with a simple picture of that character on their cheek. When looking for cheek painters, there are certain skill and techniques you want to be on the lookout for. As you look for different companies, pay close attention to the accuracy, realism and attention they give to their paintings. Some face painters specialize in air brushing and mind-blowing optical illusions, but these may not be best suited for the event you had in mind. For a final note, don’t be shocked to hear that some face painters’ hourly rate may be higher than yours. Their rate includes the material, the planning, the fuel charges, and basically everything that goes into your event.