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How to Find Clowns in Seattle
While there is a galore of Seattle clowns who can really invigorate a party, a party with a clown is by no means guaranteed to be a success. With the wrong clown and having the wrong impressions of your guests, hiring a clown can easily make you the laughing stock of the office or PSA meeting. Furthermore, to give you a better chance of success, you can outsource the entire party to an event planning company. Companies like these can offer you a clown, ballon twisters and other dress-up figures like cartoon and movie characters along with party supplies. As you embark on your quest of finding the best clown for your party, it’s great to get a couple things sorted out first. Most importantly, you want a good idea on your audience.

Family Friendly Clowns
Typically, clowns specialize in two areas: Family friendly entertainment, like birthday parties or business events, and more adult-oriented situations, like bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you’re inviting a clown to a child’s birthday party, contemplate on whether the clown is strictly for the children or if they will be offering some entertainment to the adults as well. For strictly children’s clowns, there’s no need to break the bank or plan something extravagant. The costume and face paint of the clown is sure to earn some laughs, and the balloon twisting and gags can be pretty simple while still being a riot for the children. On the other hand, if parent’s will be attending the party, you may want a clown who cracks a couple jokes or insinuations that will fly right over the children’s heads, but you want to be sure the parents are OK with that. For a final note, ask about safety issues when looking for a clown. Be sure you have a total understanding of what the clown’s performance will consist of.

Adult-oriented Clowns
For the second option, an adult-oriented clown will perform in front of an adult group with no children. This can work great for events like cocktail parties, wedding receptions and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Whereas a children’s clown can be quite traditional and won’t be subject to much scrutiny, an adult party with a clown can go amiss quite quickly. If you’re going for this option, be sure you have a concrete understanding of what your attendees find humorous, and you have to make sure the clown is aware of this as well. While the clown doesn’t have to be inappropriate, although this is most likely the type of clown you want for a bachelorette’s party, this doesn’t have to be the case. For instance, at a corporate event, a clown that specializes in illusions and card tricks could easily win the attention of adult spectators. If you are still unsure of how much success you’ll have bringing a clown to an adult party, perhaps trying searching for an independent clown. Typically, the are much more open to suggestions and can work together with you to create the perfect party.