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How to Find a Children’s Photographer in Seattle
Capturing that moment of your son or daughter’s childhood that’s gone all too soon doesn’t have to be difficult, although it can be a nightmare with the wrong photographer. So to make your hunt for a children’s photographer fruitful, and to maybe even enjoy the photo shoot, here a few ideas to get you started. But first, it’s good to know the complications that often arise with children’s photography. By keeping these facts in mind, you can choose the best photographer for your goal. First off, you need a patient photographer who has an extensive background with children. Always remember that children’s photography isn’t solely dependent on the photographer’s skills with taking pictures, but more importantly, you need a photographer who can set the tone of the photo shoot and who will have no problems coaxing the little models for those adorable candid infant photos. Next, while touch-ups are great (they may even perfect the photo), you have to be wary of a company portfolio that showcases highly altered photos. This is a great sign that the photographers rely more on the after processing rather than directing a photo shoot to be successful on the first try. In order to help you find the best Seattle children’s photographers, this article will lay out some of the key concerns you should keep in mind, along with tips on finding an agency that best meets your needs.

Children’s Photographers for Babies and Toddlers
Your very first step is finding a photographer who is suited toward your child’s age. While infant photo shoots tend to run more smoothly, there is a certain skill that goes into capturing these pictures. But truthfully, only you can judge which photos will work best with your child. As you call around different children’s photographers in Seattle, ask for a portfolio or for some pictures of their past work. This is quite possibly your most important task: Seeing what this photographer has done in the past and assuming that work onto your child’s photos. As you flip through their photos, try to get a feel for their best work. Is the portfolio stocked with infant photos while not showcasing too many teenager photos? Well you may have already found a good photographer for your infant. If you see more infant photos than anything else, this is a good sign that they know how to successfully direct infant photo shoots and have a good understanding of infants’ expressions and when to capture them.

Children’s Photographers for Older Children and Teenagers
Conversely, if you see an abundance of infant photos, this may be a hint that this particular photographer or agency does not have the skills or experience required to direct a successful photo shoot with older children. While older children and teenagers can take better direction and can even suggest some ideas they would be comfortable with, older children have the ability to knowingly ruin a photo shoot. This is why you need a photographer who has the patience and ability to deal with older children and teenagers. For these photographs, you don’t want a photographer who is going to dictate the photo shoot to the children. An uninterested or even antsy child will leave the photographs looking fake, superficial and exaggerated. A good children’s photographer knows how to capture excellent pictures rather than force them.