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Finding a Bounce House in Seattle
Although most of us would have some difficulties naming a child who doesn’t love bounce houses, today, bounce houses have several functions and come in countless shapes in sizes for both kids and adults. Typically you have two three types of bounce houses: The first is the standard enclosed bounce house which isn’t made for much more than bouncing. Secondly, you have slide/waterslide bounce houses. And the third type is where the real fun is at: bounce houses for games and competitions. Also, most Seattle bounce house companies offer much more than bounce houses, with some renting out equipment for mini golf, a climbing wall, hamster balls, and of course, standard party supplies like chairs and tables. Whether it’s an addition to your party or the main attraction, a bounce house company is a great call to make for any party. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the options that are out there for your party with a bounce house, or two (or three).

Standard Bounce Houses
The main options you have available with standard bounce houses are the shapes and the safety features. For a children’s party, a great idea is renting a bounce house in a shape children will easily recognize. While a castle or something to that effect may be good enough, you can take it a step further and find a bounce house inspired by their favorite cartoon series or movie. When planning a children’s party there are two main things you need to ask as you consult Seattle bounce house companies: To start, ask about the security features on their children’s bounce houses. If you don’t get a concrete answer, this may be a sign that this company doesn’t put safety first, and that they may even make a crucial mistake. Next, inquire on the target age group of each bounce house that piques your interest. And for a final note, if toddlers and younger children are going to be present, you may want to rent out a bounce house just for them. You can find toddler-specific bounce houses, or you could simply designate one bounce house for the younger kids and one bounce house for the older kids.

Special Bounce Houses
Bounce houses have come a long way in the past decade or two. Today, Seattle bounce house companies offer many options for young adults or even complete grown ups to enjoy themselves. Either way, a waterslide bounce house or a simple inflatable basketball game is great for the children as well. There are a couple routes you can take with unique bounce houses. There are the competitive bounce houses, such as a jousting court with inflatable poles, a small basketball court and obstacle course of all sizes. You can even rent some pretty creative options too, like a velcro wall or a bungee run, and most Seattle bounce house companies have dunk tanks as well.