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How to Find Balloon Twisters in Seattle

While balloon twisting is children’s entertainment to most, this is far from the truth. A Seattle balloon twister is a great way to entertain an event — whether it be a company gathering, a child’s birthday party or even a casual party among friends. But to make the most out of the next event, be sure to weigh your options carefully. While the most common show balloon twisters are known for is a simple “guess what” with the shapes, a balloon twister can put on a highly creative show with just a little help from the event planners. Below are three steps to finding the best balloon twister for your event.

Form and Idea of Your Event
Granted, balloon twisting is a little reminiscent of the circus, maybe clowns even, but this isn’t your only alternative. Balloon twisters are great for complementing the party and not necessarily being the feature act. So if you’re throwing a birthday party for your child, and he/she loves knights and princesses, throw a medieval themed party with the balloon twister serving as the quartermaster, doling out inflated bows and arrows and princess tiaras and wands. This way, the balloon twister is a great addition to the party you already planned out. In all cases, be wary of having a balloon twister be your main event. Typically, they work best with small children and not so well with older children and adults.

Form an Idea of Your Guests
Now that the first step of crafting a party idea is accomplished, it’s time to focus on the next stage: choosing the best Seattle balloon twister for your event. To begin with, you need a clear idea of your guests. If it’s a children’s party, how old are they? Will the parents be attending? If you’re throwing a party for adults, be sure that they have the sense of humor for a balloon twister. While most balloon twisters are geared towards children, you can definitely find more adult-oriented balloon twisters in Seattle.

Reserve a Balloon Twister
With a pretty concise idea of your party, you’re set to find your balloon twister. In all, you need to be aware of three things. First off, be sure they can handle your theme. While some balloon twister can make more functional balloon pieces like guitars or hats, some may only specialize in the standard practice of animals and flowers. Never assume the balloon twister can create any shape you throw at him; always be sure to verify this with the balloon twister or company. When looking through a balloon twister’s portfolio, be sure on the lookout for pictures that match your party’s theme. If you plan on throwing a themed party with the balloon twister functioning as a complement more than anything else, be apprehensive if you see too many pictures of standard animal shapes in their portfolio. On the other hand, while you may not see exactly what you were looking for, with some joint creativity between you and the balloon twister, you can create the perfect party.